August 26, 2016

3 Reasons Year-Round Childhood Swim Lessons Are Worth Every Penny

It’s that time of year where children are back in class and refocusing on their studies. Many parents are forced to make the decision about...

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May 19, 2016

International Water Safety Day

With International Water Safety Day being observed across the globe this past Sunday, drowning prevention and water safety continues to be a hot...

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April 07, 2016

Step-by-Step: The 6 Stages of Childhood Swim Lessons at Premier Aquatic Services

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July 15, 2015

Can Swim Lessons Make Your Child Smarter?


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January 21, 2015

When To Enroll Your Child in Swim Lessons


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January 14, 2015

Choose a United States Swim School Association Approved Facility for Your Child

When selecting a swim school for your child or yourself, it is important to make sure that you choose a US Swim School Association approved facility.

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