New Year’s Resolutions for a Happier and Healthier Family




      The time has come for New Year’s resolutions, and many of us are beginning to think about the changes we would like to make in the upcoming year.  The team at Premier Aquatics Services challenges all of our community members to also consider ways to strengthen your bonds with loved ones by incorporating family-oriented resolutions.  Here are some ideas to get you started!

      Resolution #1: Get Active and Play Together

      We’ve all heard the phrase: families that play together stay together.  As silly as it may be, there is some truth in the sentiment.  Families who join together in activity and value shared playtime often experience higher levels of happiness and fulfillment.  After all, endorphins that are released during physical activity can break through even the most challenging of teenage moods.

      Looking for ways to get active and play together?  Try taking a bike ride, playing beach volleyball, or playing Mock-Olympic games during a free swim at the pool.

      Resolution #2: Eat Healthy

      Many adults have resolutions related to losing weight, but why not focus on creating lifelong healthy habits for the whole family instead.  According to President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, approximately 17% of young people between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese.  Good nutrition is an essential part of overall health.

      Looking for ideas to help with healthy eating?  Try switching out soda and sports drinks for water and changing your meal ratio so that fruits and veggies take up half the plate.  For more ideas, visit

      Resolution #3: Spend Time Together

      Spending time together doesn’t just mean active playtime.  By taking the time to slow down and connect with one another, family members communicate how much they value and support each other.

      Looking for ideas on how to spend time together?  Try establishing a regular schedule for family meals, game nights, after school walks, or shared homework time.

      Resolution #4: Step Away from Electronics

      One of the biggest challenges in today’s world is the constant flow of information from our electronic devices.  While children are often blamed for playing too many video games or watching too much television, parents should also take a look at how often they check their phones while in the presence of their children.  Regardless of your role in the family or the electronic device in question, disengaging through electronics communicates a lack of interest in the people around you.  By establishing electronic-free hours in your household and getting involved in other activities, you will see a boost in your family’s positive interaction with one another.

      Looking for ideas on electronic-free activities?  Try enrolling your kids in water sports, encouraging a living room reading hour, or taking a hike out of cell phone range.

      Resolution #5: Learn New Skills

      By continually learning new skills, both children and adults are left with a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence.  Start the new year off with the goal of having each family member learn a new skill each month!  From new swim strokes to learning CPR, this New Year’s resolution will not only make your children feel good about themselves, it will equip them with lifesaving skills.

      Looking for ideas on how to learn new skills?  Premier Aquatics Services offers a wide range of classes, including swim lessons for all age groups, swim team training, and first aid coursework.

      Explore Premier Aquatics Classes

      Premier Aquatics Services offers more than just swim lessons for children.  We understand that a healthy lifestyle is a family affair, and we have classes and swim opportunities for family members of all ages and abilities.  Between group lessons, private lessons, the Masters Swim Team, Aqua Zumba, Frogman Fitness, and open swim times, it’s time to get each family member active in the pool.  Click here to learn more about the Premier Aquatic’s year-round swim lesson programs.

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