The Benefits Of Incorporating Swim Training For Young Athletes



      Regardless of the primary sport interest, young athletes are always looking for ways to boost their performance levels and hone their skills.  They train harder and experiment with diet changes, but often hit a plateau that is hard to overcome.

      Blending traditional training programs with new activities to expand an athlete’s skillset is not a new concept.  For example, we have all heard of the football players who turn to ballet lessons to become lighter on their feet.  One of the best kept training secrets, however, is the pool.  Incorporating swimming into your training program provides countless benefits and can give you an edge over your competition.

      A Balanced Body

      Swimming builds lean, long, and strong muscles, while weight training develops shorter, dense muscle groups.  Blending the two types of training will give your body a balanced strength and increased joint flexibility.  With each stroke, you expand your range of motion through the shoulder joint, torso, and hips.  For athletes who require rotational motion, such as throwing, this increased flexibility will certainly up your game.

      A Strong Core

      We all know that swimming is a total body workout; however, how many of us really understand what that means.  By incorporating both the upper and lower body through fluid movements, you not only work the large and small muscle groups in those areas, but you also strengthen the entire core because it is key for stabilizing your body throughout the continuous motion.  Whether you are headed back to the court or the field after your swim, your newfound core strength will give you heightened agility and a better overall performance.

      Increase Lung Capacity

      Not only will swim training help athletes hold their breath, the key to swimming is breath control.  The most successful athletes are able to effectively recover their heart rate after a sudden spike, such as after a full sprint down the field.  Swimming requires athletes to learn to control their breath because they are performing cardiovascular exercise in an environment with limited oxygen.  Once you take this skill into the oxygen-limitless atmosphere of a court or field, you won’t be able to ignore the benefits.

      Injury Prevention

      Especially for young athletes who have a beautiful sense of invincibility, it is important to allow your body to recover from high-impact training.  But when you are working towards a new goal, building rest time into your program can be difficult.  In comparison to high-impact sports, swim training can protect the joints and muscles easier because of the body’s buoyancy in water.  This allows you to have all the benefits of a workout without the damaging impact associated with many land sports.  Of course, it is still important to listen to your body and let your muscles recover appropriately.

      Reduce Recovery Time

      Every athlete knows that most endurance sports, such as running and cycling, can lead to a build up of lactic acid in the muscles.  Swimming, especially in a heated pool, after an intense workout flushes the muscle-tightening toxins and shortens muscle recovery time.

      Premier Aquatics Services – Your Swim Training Partners

      As a young athlete, it is essential to protect your body while building your base of skills and developing your strength.  By alternating pool workouts with your regular training, you’ll benefit from an increased range of motion, strengthened alternative muscles that support those primarily worked on the field, and a greater overall fitness.

      At Premier Aquatics Services, we support our local athletes by providing year-round access to swim facilities, coaches, and lessons.  We are dedicated to teaching effective swim techniques, so athletes can boost their performance levels safely and effectively.  To learn more about our swim lesson programs and register classes, visit our aquatic services page.

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