If you have been considering the perfect aquatics job, teaching swimming may be perfect career for a wide variety of individuals. In this article, we will look at a number of reasons why swim instructor jobs can be the right job for you, including:

      -flexible scheduling

      -learning life skills

      -developing a student’s self-confidence

      -and enjoying the benefits of working poolside.

      Let’s begin!

      Flexible Scheduling

      Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of teaching swimming is that it can work with a variety of schedules. This is why that it’s a great choice for employment among teen jobs, college jobs, and part time jobs. While swim instructors must have the ability to commit to a quarterly schedule, a job that allows for flexibility in 3-month periods accommodates anyone in school, college, or for individuals who work another job. Other types of employment often don’t allow this flexibility, which is why teaching others how to swim could be the perfect job for your particular life situation.

      Learning Life Skills

      Being a certified swimming instructor with Premier Aquatics allows you to add valuable work experience to your resume and learn life skills that can enhance your employability throughout your life. This includes people skills, management and leadership working for Premier. Also, because you’ll be fulfilling the role of a teacher, swim instructors learn valuable public speaking skills.  While you’re helping people learn to swim through direct participation and supervision, teaching swimming helps you convey information confidently in the most clear and accurate manner as possible. Working with children and developmentally-challenged adults helps develop your ability to capture their attention and control situations for the well-being of all participants. Also, swim instructors develop patience to deal with slow learners or those who need extra work to perfect their swimming skills. Future employers who interview swim instructors look favorably on those who show initiative, responsibility and practical hands-on knowledge versus applicants who may have had no real-world experience. 

      Developing a Student’s Self-Confidence

      It can be personally rewarding to take a student through the process of learning how to swim and learn a valuable life skill that increases their confidence. Working hands-on with students, including children and adults, can be a feeling that affects your entire life, making a wholesome contribution to society and individuals, as well as playing a positive role in your community.

      The Benefits of Working Poolside

      Working in an aquatic environment has lots of benefits that makes it a better choice than many other jobs. Comparatively, working in an office environment has been repeatedly shown to be incredibly unhealthy, while other jobs—like driving—are some of the most dangerous occupations in the United States. As a swim instructor, you are in a semi-relaxed environment that doesn’t require a suit-and-tie or being forced to sit in a cubicle for hours each week. In this way, you not only help keep your body in shape as a swim instructor, but you also earn money in a relaxed environment like a leisure center.

      * * *

      Ready to begin your career as a swim instructor? If so, Premier Aquatics trains and staffs swim instructors for adults and children in 5 locations throughout Orange County, California. Swim instructors go through a paid and thorough swim instructor training program (over 6 weeks), where applicants learn to work children and adults of all abilities. As a United States Swim School Association member school, Premier Aquatics’ program is based on years of competitive swimming experience, pushing participants to be able to perform all 4 competitive swim strokes to ultimately work towards a USA Swimming sanctioned club swim program. Swim instructors learn by shadowing qualified teachers and eventually gain the ability to teach classes solo. If you’re interested, visit Premier Aquatics’ website here to begin today!


      To learn more about what’s involved with working with Premier, view Everything You Need to Know About Working With Premier Aquatics.


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