Good Clean Fun with Swim Diapers!

      With warmer weather and summer heading our way, the days of long lazy days at the pool are almost upon us! Some of my favorite memories as a child were playing all day at the pool with my friends while our parents provided an endless assortment of snacks to eat all day long! I don’t know why, but something about swimming makes you so hungry and all food tastes so good! But as they say, what goes in must come out! So as you prepare for your fun pool day with tote bags filled with sunscreen, towels, snacks, pool toys and change of clothes, don’t forget to take frequent bathroom breaks and for goodness sakes please pack a reusable swim diaper for your little ones! 


      This would include kids infant to toddler age even if they are potty trained. Why? Because accidents happen and this assures that it will be contained until you are able to deal with it. No one wants to be the parent whose kid poops in the pool and ruins the fun pool day for everyone! And also nobody wants to swim in poop water!  Luckily in order to avoid such a scenario, most pools require taking potty breaks, and a swim diaper for younger swimmers. 


      The reason pools require you to wear a reusable diaper is because it’s been proven to hold in the surprise and avoid bacterial leakage into the pool. Did you know that bacteria found in poop can live in chorine for hours? The Health Department supports reusable diapers and proves them to keep the pool safe and open. What swim diapers should you buy? You will want to buy a reusable diaper that’s higher in quality and durable fabric. I would avoid using the plastic diapers simply because they do not fit properly, they are uncomfortable and they do not do the best job keeping accidents in. What you are looking for are reusable diapers that look like this.( 




        While shopping you will want to look for: 

      • 100% polyester, Neoprene, Nylon mesh or 100% cotton 
      • 100% polyester lining, Nylon lining 
      • Machine wash or hand wash 
      • Elastic waistband 

      Try to purchase your diaper by the weight of your baby. Also, make sure it's not too loose because it defeats the purpose and will not be leak proof. On the contrary, if it's too tight your child will be uncomfortable. This is why you want to stick with the stretching fabrics, elastic waistbands, or adjustable straps. Now I know what you're thinking, "how much is this going to cost me?" Remember the reusable swim diapers should last for a season and if you are going to the pool frequently, you will be saving money by buying a $15-$25 diaper and avoiding a $500+ pool cleaning fee!( 

      So come enjoy our beautiful weather and pools but do so responsibly so that it can be a great day for all!  






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