If you are looking to kickstart your personal fitness then you really should start swimming. Verywellfit tells us that “activities that require your upper and lower body muscles to work together, like swimming, rank high on the “best sports for fitness” list.” Bedsides helping you get into the best shape of your life, swimming has 5 hidden benefits that not everyone knows.

      1. Swimming is a low impact sport- If you have any joint pains or injuries, swimming will be the perfect sport for you to get into. Swimming is a low impact sport that puts very little stress on your body when compared to the other activities such as running. This can prove to be a huge benefit for older athletes or those that have suffered from an injury in the past. Swimming is a sport that can span a lifetime and because of this hidden benefit, it is a sport that you do not need to give up as time goes on.
      2. Swimming helps keep your heart and lungs healthy- According to “Swimming works the heart and lungs. This trains the body to use oxygen more efficiently, which is generally reflected in declines in the resting heart rate and breathing rate. It uses the arms, the legs, and other muscle groups in between. This improves muscle strength and flexibility.” This can be a great hidden benefit to those with asthma.
      3. Swimming is proven to make you smarter– A study from Griffith University in Australia that was published showed that “Children who swim demonstrate more advanced cognitive and physical abilities than other children.” The children that were tested in this study were shown to be, “6 to 15 months ahead of the normal population when it came to cognitive skills, problem solving in mathematics, counting, language and following instructions.” You can read more on the study through the org.
      4. Swimming is affordable- When you compare the gear you need for swimming versus other popular cardio activities like cycling, swimming wins every time. You can get away with a lap swim fee of $5 a day, a $20 pair of goggles , and swim suit. When you compare this to buying a $1,000- $2,000 road bike, swimming can look very appealing.
      5. Swimming help you stay flexible- With the repetitive nature of swimming and it having such a low impact on your body, it really will make you more flexible. Each stroke and kick is like a long stretch if done correctly. After each workout you will find yourself less stressed and more relaxed.

      The list goes on and on when it comes to the benefits to starting to swim. I encourage you to get started if you are truly looking for a new fun workout. You can join a local masters swim team or just go to the gym with a friend. Premier Aquatics offers adult swim lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers.  Premier Aquatics also offers swim lessons for children of all ages.  Swimming benefits all humans, no matter what age. Get in the pool and start swimming!

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