December 11, 2019

      Positive Deeds to Do With My Child

      We all want to do good in this world. Whether it is for loved ones, mother earth or society at large, the ripple effect is contagious. One good...

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      December 04, 2019

      Giving Back to Our Community

      Whether you are a small business, large corporation, or independent contractor, giving back to your community is always a special way to show...

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      September 18, 2019

      Common Swimming Mistakes and How to Fix Them

      It’s been said that swimming is one of the best, low-impact methods of exercise (plus, it targets your whole body). While working on areas from...

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      September 04, 2019

      How to Help Your Child Get to the Next Swim Level

      Here at Premier Aquatics, the success of each and every swimmer is very important to us. Our level-organized lessons are built to strengthen every...

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      August 21, 2019

      Why It's Smart to Get Your Kids Swimming at a Young Age

      Young children always have the most energy in the room, they love to be constantly moving and grooving, always looking for something new to...

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      August 06, 2019

      5 Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

      It's a common misconception to think that swimming is a summer-only activity - that once the days cool down, and school starts back up, it's time...

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      July 26, 2019

      Adult Swimming Benefits - What are They?

      We all know swimming is a fun activity and an easy way to get active, but it is actually much more than that! Swimming has tons of health benefits...

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      July 12, 2019

      What Saving Someone's Life Has Taught Me

      There is one thing we are trained for that we never want to have to do -- save a life. Life threatening water emergencies happen every single day...

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      June 28, 2019

      Nailing the Proper Swimming Technique


      Knowing how to move your way across the water is only the first step in becoming a successful swimmer.

      The benefits of swimming on your...

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      February 06, 2019

      How to Overcome Parent Attachment with New Swimmers by Tom Senkus

      Ahhh, what joy a parent has when the child they once held in their arms begins the journey of living and learning what they themselves once...

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