Dive into Summer Fun: A Guide to Enjoying Paramount, CA with Premier Aquatics

      What Sets Premier's Culture Apart From The Rest

      Premier Aquatics Brings Excitement to the city of Paramount

      Making Waves: The Crucial Role of Junior Lifeguard Preparation

      Lifeguarding at Premier: Building Skills for a Successful Future

      Why Lifeguarding is a Premier First Job

      How To Ensure Profitable Pool Care?

      Ensuring Pool Safety: The Crucial Role of Lifeguards and Pool Monitors

      Good Clean Fun with Swim Diapers!

      Go Get That Summer Job!

      Take Good Care of You!

      Time to be Prepared!

      The Dire Need for Lifeguards at Community Pools

      Sooner is Better than Later for Swim Lessons and CPR Classes

      Go Get That Summer Job!

      Working While Going to School…Worth More Than the Money

      Healing Water for Fibromyalgia

      More Than Swimming

      The Perfect Time to Reapply is Now!

      The Importance of Swim Diapers

      Tips to Help Younger Swimmers Learn How to Swim Faster

      Rainy Day Play!

      Choosing the Best Year-Round Swim Team

      Swimming as a Beneficial Exercise

      Tips to Overcome Stress at Work

      The Best Advice I Have Ever Received

      Showing Staff Appreciation

      Benefits of Having a Job in High School

      Most Rewarding Parts of Being a Swim Instructor!

      Tips and Tricks for Educational Activities to Try at Home!

      Private Swim Lessons vs Group Swim Lessons

      Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

      Family Spotlight: Alcaraz Family

      Fast Track Learn to Swim Program- Why it Works

      Best Activities to Get My Toddler to Nap

      Preparing for the Orange County Jr. Lifeguards Swim Test

      Steps to Becoming a Beach Lifeguard

      Benefits of Participating in After School Sports

      Positive Deeds to Do With My Child

      Giving Back to Our Community

      Common Swimming Mistakes and How to Fix Them

      How to Help Your Child Get to the Next Swim Level

      Why It's Smart to Get Your Kids Swimming at a Young Age

      5 Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

      Adult Swimming Benefits - What are They?

      What Saving Someone's Life Has Taught Me

      Nailing the Proper Swimming Technique

      How to Overcome Parent Attachment with New Swimmers by Tom Senkus

      Why a Swim Instructor Job is the Right Job for You

      Choosing the Right Swim School - The Premier Way

      How to Overcome Fears in the Water with Timid Swimmers

      Premier Aquatics is Hiring Lifeguards, Swim Instructors and Coaches

      Employment and Onboarding with Premier 

      Premier Aquatics' Perfect Team Member


      3 Reasons Year-Round Childhood Swim Lessons Are Worth Every Penny

      7 Tips for Overcoming Fear of the Water

      Aquatic Exercise: Understanding the Lifelong Benefits of Staying Fit in the Pool

      How To Choose A Swim Lesson Program

      Recognizing a Water Emergency

      Being Safe in the Hot Summer Sun

      Water Safety During Group Outings: Ensuring Your Child’s Safety

      Tips for a Safe 4th of July Celebration

      How Long Will It Take For My Child To Learn To Swim?

      American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course

      Everyday Injury or Significant Trauma: Recognizing the Signs of a Concussion

      Join Us in Recognizing National CPR-AED Awareness Week

      Protecting Your Neck: Why Proper Breaststroke Techniques Are So Important

      International Water Safety Day

      A Team You Can Trust: The Premier Staff Culture

      Swim Teams: Skill Building for Older Children and Teens

      Preparing Your Family with an Emergency Preparedness Kit

      Protecting Your Facility: Professional Lifeguard Services by Premier

      Step-by-Step: The 6 Stages of Childhood Swim Lessons at Premier Aquatic Services

      Caring for Your Baby: Why Premier Avoids Survival Type Swim Training Methods

      Anaphylactic Shock: Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

      Private Lessons VS Group Lessons: Choosing the Right Swim Lessons for Your Child

      Should My Babysitter Know CPR?

      Why Isn’t My Child Progressing In Swim Lessons?

      Baby Swim Lessons: At What Age Can Babies Start Swimming?

      More Than Watching the Water: Understanding the Role of Your Lifeguards

      Premier Aquatic Services Receives Updated Red Cross Emergency Cardiovascular Care Guidelines

      Be Prepared: Teach Your Family What To Do In An Earthquake

      Avoid Skill Deterioration: Keep Your Kids Ready for Summer

      Timing Is Everything: Understanding Childhood Developmental Stages

      New Year’s Resolutions for a Happier and Healthier Family

      Happy Holidays from Premier Aquatics Services

      Games to Help Your Child Be More Comfortable in the Water

      Performing First Aid: When is Consent Implied?

      6 Exercise Ideas for a Healthier Family

      Embracing the Season for Giving Thanks

      The Benefits Of Having An AED In The Workplace

      The Benefits of Swimming for Special Needs Children

      Developing A Family Emergency Response Plan

      The Benefits Of Incorporating Swim Training For Young Athletes

      Acting F.A.S.T. – Learning To Recognize The Signs Of A Stroke

      Staying Healthy In Cold Weather: Debunking Common Myths

      Goggles: The Great Debate With Childhood Swim Lessons

      Battling Swimming Fatigue In The Pool

      It’s Never Too Late To Learn To Swim: A Look Into Adult Swim Lessons

      Fit Adults Have Healthier Kids

      Top Reasons CPR Education Is Important For Your Family

      Battling Childhood Obesity In The Pool

      Reducing The Risk Of Childhood Drowning: Ocean Safety

      Reducing The Risk Of Childhood Drowning: Pool Safety

      The Lifelong Benefits Of Childhood Swim Lessons

      The Benefits of Year-Round Swim Lessons

      Residential Pool Safety Tips for Your Summer Fun

      5 Swimming Skills Every Child Should Know

      Can Swim Lessons Make Your Child Smarter?

      Preventing Common Swimming Injuries

      Recognizing The Quiet Signs Of Drowning

      Backyard Swimming Pool Safety

      Premier Aquatic Services Teams Up With The Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation

      3 Safety Tips For A Pool Safe Summer

      How To Avoid Sunstroke and Sunburns

      3 Reasons To Make Your Next Workout A Swim Workout


      How to Help Children Overcome Their Fear of the Water

      Drowning Risks for Children 5 and Under

      When To Enroll Your Child in Swim Lessons

      Choose a United States Swim School Association Approved Facility for Your Child

      5 Essential First Aid Kit Items

      3 Unknown Facts About Swimming

      How to Deal With Bleeding

      CPR: Why You Need to Know Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

      Automated External Defibrillator: Important Information About AEDs

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